Works in kind and maintenance

In many cases, developers will elect to provide DCP infrastructure items to offset their development contributions liability - this is known as providing ‘works in-kind’ (WIK).

Our preference is that DCP items that integrate with subdivision development be provided in-kind wherever possible, however the construction of buildings (for example: community facilities) are considered less desirable for works in-kind.

Early engagement is encouraged to decide and arrange these works and a Section 173 agreement for the agreed works-in-kind formalises these agreements.

Development contributions credit for a DCP infrastructure item provided in-kind can only be released after a Statement of Practical Completion is issued for that specific item.

This means that full development contributions are payable prior to or up to the difference between total WIK value and DCP liability of the developers total land holding.

Maintenance period of works-in-kind

Where works are completed maintenance bonds are required as per usual Council works.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 10 August 2021