Development contributions calculations

The Development Contributions Levy (DIL) is calculated and indexed each year to ensure these levies keep pace with the escalating cost of these projects.

In basic terms, the total cost of all development infrastructure is divided by the net developable area to give a DIL per developable hectare.

A net developable area form is to be submitted with the subdivision application so the DIL total can be calculated for that subdivision or relevant stage of development, a DIL payment or approved credit against Works in Kind must be confirmed before we issue a Statement of Compliance.

Summary of Development Contribution Levies
Growth Area Development infrastructure
North East Industrial Precinct
Curlewis Growth Area (also known as Jetty Road Urban Growth Area)
Armstrong Creek East Precinct
Armstrong Creek West Precinct
Horseshoe Bend Precinct
Lara West Urban Growth Area
Charge Area A
Charge Area B
Charge Area C
Charge Area D
Charge Area E
Armstrong Creek Town Centre
Precinct 1-4 Mixed Use Commercial/Residential
Precinct 5 Mixed Use Residential
Note: Contributions are listed in July 2021 values. These figures are GST exempt.

For further information on our Growth Areas, Development Contribution Plans or the above indexed development contribution charges please contact 03 5272 4112 or by email ([email protected]).

Page last updated: Tuesday, 10 August 2021