Funding and payments

While it is reasonable for developers to contribute to the costs of infrastructure, the government meets the majority of the costs of state roads, public transport, schools, health and police and emergency services facilities in the area through grants and funding.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is paid prior to issuing a building permit. The landowner is responsible for payment of the CIL.

The CIL can be paid in person at any customer service centre, with a credit card over the phone with our Customer Service Staff on 03 5272 5272 or an invoice with BPay options can be requested once the lot is titled.

Please note:

  • we charge an additional 0.25 percent credit card processing fee
  • BPay takes between 2-4 working days for funds to transfer and processing.

Developers who have taken the option to pay the CIL on behalf of the future homeowners are required to pay prior to the subdivision achieving statement of compliance. 

The DIL is only payable upon subdivision of the land. Sale or transfer of the land does not in itself trigger a development contribution payment.

Some components of infrastructure are not required at the initial stage of development. Development contributions provide a mechanism to collect funds for the delivery of future infrastructure at the time when needed.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 19 June 2024