Geelong 3D Data - open for business

Geelong has been offering a 3D data exchange to developers with the proviso that they send back their building model to council and we have had over 130 requests with really good quality models returned!

In an effort to boost business and promote development for the region, City of Greater Geelong are offering greater accessibility to data for the region, as well as a service for generating 3D models for areas of development.

Majority of data can now be downloaded from Geelong open data portal.

In addition to this data, City of Greater Geelong council is also offering a service to generate a 3D digital data models. These models are created to help aid the process of development and growth for the region with the provision that the designed buildings are then returned to the council.  

The digital data model will be created from the request information and be outputted as a 3D SketchUp file that combines the different information layers into a singular file.

The digital data package will contain:

  • 3D terrain
  • 3D building models/footprints 

  • aerial imagery (attached to terrain).

The data provided is supplied under the Creative Commons 3.0 Licensing.

The digital data package can be requested by completing and submitting our online form.

Page last updated: Thursday, 27 August 2020