Register a pool or spa

If you have a pool or spa in Victoria, you must make sure it is registered, inspected and compliant.
You only need to register a pool or spa once. If your pool or spa is already registered, you must have your barriers inspected and certificate of compliance lodged every four years

A new pool or spa that can hold more than 300 millimetres (30 centimetres) of water must be registered with us within 30 days of completion. Find out what the Victorian Building Authority classifies as a swimming pool or spa.

If your pool and spa use separate barriers, you must register each structure separately. You must obtain a building permit for safety barriers (including for above ground pool and spas) in addition to a pool or spa built in the ground or built around a deck or other structure. 

You will also need a Certificate of Final Inspection before you install any water in your pool or spa. Find out more about permits

You'll need:

  • a credit card to pay the associated fees
  • your pool or spa building permit (if you have one) or evidence of the construction date
  • photos of your pool or spa barriers (optional)

If you need assistance, contact us on 03 5272 5272  or email [email protected].


If you are unsure if you have registered please email [email protected] providing:

  • your name
  • the property address where the pool/spa is located
  • your contact number.

After you register your pool, we will send you a registration letter which will explain:

  • the date of construction of your pool or spa,
  • which building standards apply to your safety barrier, and
  • when you must lodge your certificate of barrier compliance with us.

It is the property owner's responsibility to register the pool and/or spa with us, and for arranging the inspection and certificate of compliance for the pool/spa barrier.
As an occupier you may inspect our register for information relating to the pool and/ or spa which is at the property you are renting. You have the responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure that a barrier restricting access to the pool/spa is operating effectively.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 18 June 2024