Bellarine Rail Trail

The Bellarine Rail Trail is a 35 kilometre trail that links South Geelong to Queenscliff following the alignment of the historical Geelong - Queenscliff Railway Line.

The Bellarine Rail Trail provides an inspiring passage to the many tourist attractions across the Bellarine Peninsula.

The trail pathway is asphalt between South Geelong and Drysdale and then primarily constructed of compacted, crushed rock between Drysdale and Queenscliff. It provides a high quality surface suitable for most bikes other than those fitted with racing tyres.

Map showing the rail trail from Queenscliff through to South Geelong

The surrounding reserve features areas of remnant, indigenous vegetation, creating a safe and tranquil environment for users.

Starting at the South Geelong Station, the trail moves through the eastern suburbs of Geelong and onto the Bellarine Peninsula through Leopold and Drysdale, terminating at the Queenscliff Railway Station.

Christies Road, Leopold is a popular stepping off point with toilets, shelter and drinking fountain - as is Drysdale Railway Station.

Suma Park has a shelter and toilets making it a welcome resting spot during the return climb from Queenscliff.

There is another shelter where the trail crosses Swan Bay Road at Mannerim.

Emergency and distance markers are installed at kilometre intervals along the trail.

The trail is popular with weekend recreational cyclists as the 35 kilometre length one way makes for a decent ride with the added bonus of excellent views of the surrounding farmland and coast.

The gradient is mostly easy and flat with a gradual climb in some places. Families with young children often choose to avoid the return uphill climb from Queenscliff to Mannerim by either hopping on the steam train or arranging other transport.

Revegetation and maintenance works continue on an ongoing basis.

Please note: we will be undertaking our annual baiting program to reduce high rabbit numbers during the months of March and April 2022. Please refer to our rabbit control page for more information.

Page last updated: Thursday, 21 April 2022