Access over Council Land

Please complete this form if you require access to council owned land. 

Instances this may be required include accessing the rear of your property on an occasional basis for miscellaneous circumstances. Please note that regular access rights will not be granted.

Council will consider your request upon submission of this form and you will receive a response within 2 to 3 working days.

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Your Details

Access Details

Please provide a reasonable level of detail and include the type of building works you wish to carry out. 

An Asset Protection Permit is required prior to any building works being undertaken to ensure no damage occurs to council’s infrastructure. Depending on building works you may or may not require this.

NOTE: Keys can be held for a period of 24 hours only
Select files to upload (doc,docx,pdf). File size limit 20MB
If necessary you can access a map/diagram of the access you require.

Terms and Conditions

  1. That the use is as specified above – weather permitting. Permission is denied if ground is soft or if heavy rainfalls predicted.
  2. The access is via designated path as advised by Council. Gates or barriers must remain closed at all times. 
  3. You will be responsible for making good any damage to Council property at the completion of the works (including turf) or compensate Council for works required to re-instate the area.
  4. You must ensure that you have current and adequate public liability insurance.
  5. Council is not responsible for any interruption/damage caused by a third party.
  6. All works performed must be done so with the safety of the public being first priority.
  7. No storage of materials is allowed on Council land.
  8. Use of the land does not confer any rights or any future claims to any right, entitlement or possessory rights to the area.
  9. Whilst on or using Council land you must hold a copy of this authorisation with you at all times.

Please ensure you allow 2 -3 working days from your submission to receive a response via Council’s Sport & Recreation Department.