Apply for additional bin/s

Tenants cannot apply online - please speak to the owner, authorised property manager or body corporate secretary.

No refunds will be issued for upfront payments of additional bins.

Use this form to apply for additional red, yellow and/or green lid bin/s or to request a bin exchange for either red, yellow or green lid bins.

Please note: if you already have two red, yellow, or green lid bins, you are not permitted to have more.

Red lid bins only

You can:

  • swap your smaller bin for the large size (240 litres) or
  • swap your two smaller registered and paid bins for the large size (240 litres)

Changing from one small to one large involves a fee. Swapping two small for one large does not involve additional fees at the time of swapping.

Fields marked with * are required

You may select both bin types if you need an additional bin of each type.