Geelong Women in Community Life Award nomination

Our Women in Community Life Advisory Committee are pleased to announce the categories for the 2020 Women in Community Life Awards.

Both individuals and organisations are encouraged to nominate the exceptional women who lead and inspire others in the Geelong region. 

If you’re completing the nomination as a group, you will need to nominate a contact person.

Please ensure your nominee meets the criteria for the correct category and follow the nomination guidelines. 

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Nominating individual or business/organisation details

Nominee details

All nominations are confidential – you should not inform your nominee that you’ve nominated her.

If your nomination is successful, we will contact the nominee to confirm that she is happy to accept the award.

She will have the option to decline the award.

Mobile number preferred.

Please include area code if providing a landline number.

Please include area code if providing a landline number.
If you know that the nominee holds any local, national or International honours or awards or any qualifications from a professional body or tertiary institution.
Nomination details
You can choose more than one category.

If you do not know the nominee personally but have contacted their friends or family in your research, it can help to say that.
You do not have to write an essay. Bullet points are a great way to list your nominee’s achievements.
For each role they’ve undertaken, explain their extraordinary, above and beyond achievements in that role.
Referee details
  • Please provide details of up to four suggested referees.
  • We may contact the referees to obtain comment.
  • To assist in processing your nomination, please complete as many fields as possible.

Please note: The ideal referee is someone that has had close involvement with the nominee in the course of their service or is able to comment directly on the nature and impact of their achievements.

Tip: Referees need to be able to offer insight into the Nominee’s service. They do not need to be Award or Honours recipients or public figures, it is more important that they know the nominee well and can speak about their achievements. You don’t need to ask referees for anything in advance – the Council will contact them after they have reviewed your nomination. You should check that referees are happy to be part of the nomination. You can include up to four referees for a nomination.

Use the Add button to add more referees.

Please include area code.
Please include area code.

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