Webstar's Swim School at Splashdown - request to suspend

Webstar swim school - need to take a break?

Please complete this form to request a suspension for a student Webstar's Swim school membership at Splashdown for non-medical reasons.

Things to know before suspending your membership

All Webstar's Swim School members can suspend up to 4 weeks per year for non-medical reasons.

  • You may suspend future lessons and direct debits in blocks of two or four weeks.
  • Suspensions must not exceed a total of four weeks per year of membership and no more than four weeks in any 12-month period.
  • You must provide at least one payment period’s notice to suspend.
  • Suspensions for medical reasons must be submitted to your centre. Please contact your centre to discuss options on how to provide supporting documentation (for example: medical certificate).
  • Please see the Webstar's Swim School membership terms and conditions for details.

Student details

Add each subsequent student and suspension details by clicking on the Add button below.

Number can be found on the back of the student card.


Suspension details

Please refer to our calendar for the direct debit dates.

Open the calendar popup.
Note the two week notice requirement.

Parent/guardian details



You request that the student’s membership be suspended for the period above, and agree that:

  • this suspension request will not be accepted unless all payments for the student are up to date
  • access rights to all Centres will be suspended during the suspension period
  • the student’s membership and scheduled direct debit payments will recommence immediately after the suspension ends.