Community bus - annual driver declaration

This form needs to be filled in by the community bus driver at least two working days prior to the booking date to ensure that paperwork and keys are ready for pick up.

Please note: 

  • this declaration can be made for multiple buses and multiple booking dates
  • each declaration will only apply for the current calendar year
  • you must:
    • present your licence each time you collect the keys for a booking
    • comply with the conditions on your driver's licence when driving any of our buses.

Fields marked with * are required

Group details

Driver's details

Open the calendar popup.

Driver's licence details

Driver acknowledgement

You acknowledge that:

  • this registration is made for all community buses
  • your registration must be made prior to the first bus booking for your group
  • you will be required to resubmit your driver registration each calendar year to continue to drive for your group
  • your licence is valid for the entire calendar applicable to this registration.

Driver declaration

You declare that:

  • you are the only driver of the vehicle and that you have no drugs or alcohol in your system
  • your Incorporated Group is registered with Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) and you are fully aware of your obligations under law regarding the Bus Safety Act 2009 (Vic) and the Bus Safety Regulations 2010 (Vic)
  • you do not have any conditions imposed on your driver's licence that would preclude you from driving a bus
  • if you do have any conditions imposed on your driver's licence in the future, you will complete a new driver declaration
  • all reasonable care of the vehicle will be taken and any damage will be reported to staff at point of hire and noted on the checklist. Full particulars concerning accidents must be supplied on an Accident Report Form available from the point of hire
  • the bus will be returned washed (automatic car wash not permitted) and left in a clean and tidy state inside with a full fuel tank
  • you will complete the Community Bus Checklist immediately before and after the hire and attach a copy of the fuel receipt
  • you acknowledge having read our conditions of hire and you are fully aware:
    • of and accept the conditions, indemnities and other authorities and requirements
    • that the conditions of hire may effect my legal rights and may effect my insurance requirement
  • you acknowledge that City of Greater Geelong reserves the right to terminate any booking or future bookings due to any breach of conditions of hire and/or misconduct by patrons, including non-payment.