Rates Assistance Waiver

Please complete all sections of this application then hit the submit button to request consideration for the Rates Assistance waiver.

You will need to provide a copy of either:

  • your current pension card, statement of earnings or tax assessment notice (pensioners) or 
  • a copy of either your income tax assessment notice/s or other formal certified statement of income and expenditure (other ratepayers).

to confirm your taxable income is below $55,626.

Property details


Required documentation



You declare that:

  1. the property listed is your sole or principal place of residence and has been for both valuation periods
    (only residential properties are eligible for the rebate - holiday and investment properties are excluded)
  2. you have not undertaken any property improvements requiring a building permit since 1 January 2020
    (work requiring a permit excludes the property for rebate)
  3. your taxable income does not exceed $55,626 
    (to be eligible you must either be a pensioner or have a taxable income of under $55,626 ).

Penalty for misleading or false information

The Local Government Act provides penalties under Section 171A for providing misleading or false information relative to the granting of this waiver (10 penalty units equals $1,871.40).