Council Minutes - Section A: Procedural Matters - 2 February 2021

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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Greater Geelong City Council held at the Council Conference and Reception Centre in City Hall, 57 Little Malop Street, Geelong, commencing at 6:00pm.



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Also present:

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The Mayor declared the meeting open at 6:00pm.

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Council acknowledges Wadawurrung Traditional Owners of this land and pays its respects to all Elders past and present and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are part of the Greater Geelong community today.

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Leave of Absence


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Confirmation of Minutes

Councillor Grzybek moved, Councillor Mason seconded -

That the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 15 December 2020 be confirmed.


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Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

Councillor Kontelj declared a Conflict of Interest in Agenda Item 1, Council Submission to the Surf Coast Distinctive Area and Landscape – Phase 3 Public Consultation, in that an interested party is a customer of the business of which he is a Director.

Councillor Kontelj declared a Conflict of Interest in Agenda Item 2, Central Geelong Marketing – Intention to Declare Special Rate, in that he owns a property in the CBD which attracts and is impacted by the Central Geelong Marketing levy.

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Public Question and Submission Time

The following questions were submitted prior to the Council meeting from Ian Rabone (Dogs – Ocean Grove), Palanisamy Thanjagoundan (Armstrong Creek Sporting Facilities – Horseshoe Bend Road Condition), Cheryl Ou (Food Organics and Garden Organics Bins), Angela Mangan (Geelong West Development). As they were not in attendance at the Meeting, responses addressing their concerns have been provided via email.

The following questions were asked by residents attending the Council Meeting:

Elizabeth Crowe asked the following questions in relation to Tivoli Drive:

  1. Since the spending of over $4 million to cut Tivoli Drive through to Portarlington Road, Tivoli Drive has gone from a quiet rural settlement drive in February 2019, to becoming an inappropriately designed thorough fare, which has seen retail Woolworth’s truck deliveries and other heavy vehicles use a small ‘residential classed’ street multiple times weekly. Residents have seen an increase in noise pollution, traffic speed and hooning behaviour. A father of primary school aged children in Tivoli Drive, has reported rushing out to snatch his child back from the road just in time, before he was almost hit by a speeding car. Residents want to see Tivoli Drive closed, until appropriate infrastructure is implemented. Residents want to see mobile speed cameras installed as a deterrent. Residents struggle to accept that traffic engineering assessment and road safety audits where completed before Tivoli Drive became open to Portarlington Road. When is our Council going to live up to their own self-professed commitment to Council policy and planning. I refer to our ‘Council Plan 2018-2022’ under strategic priority 4. ‘Planned sustainable development’ (would it not have been a better decision by our council to consider the impacts on Tivoli Drive residents, before spending millions of tax payer money opening up Tivoli Drive to Portarlington Road and disturbing valuable ‘community shared spaces’ such as the ‘Bellarine Rail Trail’). How will our council support our Curlewis Community?

    Thank you for your questions, Elizabeth.

    Since the opening of Tivoli Drive, we have implemented a number of traffic calming measures including the installation of speed humps and parking restrictions. These will be reviewed in March to determine if they we are effective and if other measures are required. Road Safety Audits were performed at the functional design stage of the project and when the road was opened. These were approved by Regional Roads Victoria (VicRoads). Victoria Police are responsible for enforcing speed limits and installing speed cameras. Following traffic counts conducted in mid-2020 the City contacted Victoria Police regarding speeding. We have followed up again this week to pass on community requests for enforcement/presence.

  2. Petitions have been signed by hundreds of residents calling on our Council to seal Coriyule Road and install a roundabout at the Tivoli Drive/Coriyule Road dangerous intersection. We see ‘near misses’ as motorists cross Tivoli Drive at the Coriyule Road intersection. If our Council is to live up to its own Community Engagement policy principles - why is engagement important?  Listening to and considering the needs, priorities, and expectations of our community before making decisions has long been ingrained in our practices. Council’s own policy is to work towards making our local roads safer (I refer to City of Greater Geelong’s Council Plan 2018-2022 under strategic priority ‘Improved health and safety of our community’ and key priority 10. Working towards having the safest roads in Victoria’, when most residential road t-intersections now have roundabouts installed as a standard and proven safer traffic management strategy, why has a roundabout not been installed at the Tivoli Drive/Coriyule Road intersection?

    Coriyule Road has deep pot-holes especially during the wetter months and vehicles travel at high speed along the road, dangerously passing other vehicles who are travelling at safer speeds. The road has soft shoulders which cause vehicles to slip and slide around on its unsafe and sometimes corrugated surface. Residents are once again struggling to know what if any traffic engineering assessment and road safety audits have been completed.

    Will Council seal the road?

    We are unaware of a formal petition to seal Coriyule Road however there has been regular correspondence with several residents regarding their concerns with Tivoli Drive. In coming weeks, traffic islands will be installed at the Coriyule Road-Tivoli Drive intersection to help control movements at this crossroads.  Please note, a traditional roundabout would not fit at this location and would result in vehicles driving over it. This would raise further noise issues for residents living near the intersection and may not effectively reduce speed at the intersection.  Hermsley Road and Coriyule Road are local access roads in the Farming Zone. We inspect and maintain these local roads in accordance with our Road Management Plan.  As Stage 2 of the Jetty Road Growth Area Plan progresses, the section of Coriyule Road within the Plan (Tivoli Drive to McDermott Road) will be sealed by the developer. Coriyule Road will be closed west of the development and access to Hermsley Road will be via the new estate. Vehicles will not be able to access Hermsley Road directly from Coriyule Road.

Tom O’Connor in his comments to Council raised his concerns over the need for urgent works to be carried out on Tivoli Drive.

Sheree Cook commented on her frustration with safety and traffic behaviour in and around Tivoli Drive.

Austin Swain asked if Council, in relation to the Surf Coast Distinctive Area and Landscape report, was going to support the MTD area to be included in the Distinctive Area and Landscape?

The Mayor responded the report is on the agenda for discussion this evening and will hopefully address some of the concerns during debate.

Peter King asked the following in relation to Surf Coast Distinctive Area:

If the CoGG Local Strategic Planning Work in relation to the Logical Inclusion Process for the MDLACC deems it is appropriate for the current Armstrong Creek Permanent Settlement Boundary adjoining the Armstrong Creek Growth Corridor be repositioned to the south, even to Mount Duneed / Lower Duneed Roads, without incurring an adverse influence on the intentions of the Surf Coast DAL:

  1. Will there be a requirement by CoGG Planning to nevertheless implement a break of some form on the north side of Mount Duneed/Lower Duneed Roads considering DELWP has declared the low volcanic rise of Mount Duneed’s lower gradients on the south side of Mount Duneed/Lower Duneed Roads and the Mount Duneed/Thompson Valley Plains to be the protected urban-free green break between CoGG and Surf Coast Shire townships (Geelong, Torquay, Jan Juc)?

  2. The current Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Boundary has been “adopted” as stated by DELWP, as the current Northern Boundary until the Local Strategic Planning Work for the Logical Inclusion Process for the MDLACC has been finalised:

  3. Will land holdings within the MDLACC (namely land holdings adjoining the Mount Duneed/Lower Duneed Roads) be excluded from being considered for incorporation within a new Permanent Urban Growth Settlement Boundary even when they possess no viability as economic farming land, have no nature based tourism potential and possess no natural resources for extraction purposes?

    Will / could consideration be given to sanctioning smaller semi-rural living (as raised at a 18th June 2020 meeting with CoGG Planning) of smaller semi-rural living within the CoGG Mount Duneed/Lower Duneed Road precincts, as per the existing semi-rural living in Williams Road and Russell’s Road, which can be efficiently and effectively maintained (because of their smaller size) and provide a Urban-rural transition area which supports the regionally significant landscape setting of the Mount Duneed/Thompson Valley Plains?

    Gareth Smith, Director Planning, Design and Development, responded Council cannot predict what may happen in the future, but officers are always happy to continue to engage with yourself and the group going forward.

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Councillor Mason presented a petition from concerned residents in relation to the proposed changes to dining options in The Terrace, Ocean Grove.

Councillor Sullivan presented a petition from “change-org” asking Council to return Barwon Heads Pony Paddocks to Dog Off Leash Area.

Councillor Kontelj presented a petition from ‘Block the Noise’ in relation to noise control around the Heights Estate. The petition is calling for Council to extend the noise wall on the Western Ring Road.

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