Council Minutes - Section A: Procedural Matters - 1 December 2020

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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Greater Geelong City Council held virtually by Zoom and broadcast on the City's website on 1 December 2020, commencing at 7:00pm.



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Also present:

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The Mayor declared the meeting open at 7:00pm.

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Council acknowledges Wadawurrung Traditional Owners of this land and pays its respects to all Elders past and present and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are part of the Greater Geelong community today.

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Leave of Absence


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Confirmation of Minutes

Councillor Mansfield moved, Councillor Mason seconded -

That the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 20 October 2020 be confirmed.


Councillor Kontelj moved, Councillor Grzybek seconded -

That the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 12 November 2020 be confirmed.


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Declaration of Conflicts of Interest


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Public Question and Submission Time

The following questions were submitted prior to the Council meeting from Terry Fahey, Sanja Van Huet, John Verikios, Eric Rabone and Nick Foord.

Terry Fahey submitted the following questions:

In regard to the anticipated ‘Climate Change Response Plan’ I have a few questions to ask. I would like responses to my questions based on current Councillor commitment – not on what an external contractor recommends for future Council.

  1. Can recently re-elected Councillors for the Bellarine Ward Stephanie Asher and Trent Sullivan explain why they opposed an all year round dog free zone at Ocean Grove beach as was recommended by the recent Barwon Coast Committee of Management survey?

    Thank you for your questions Terry:

    The new Dog Control Orders were endorsed unanimously by all Councillors.

    There were multiple issues considered by the Council in relation to the orders, including the main beach of Ocean Grove, such as:

    It is noted than Barwon Coast also subsequently supported the one year trial of this approach and the Council supported, in principle, to trial this stretch of beach to be dog free the following year, subject to a future Council resolution in late 2021.

    Barwon Coast and the City will undertake further community engagement during both trials to inform future dog control orders.

  2. What is the total annual cost to rate payers for the supply & installation of dog poo bags?

    The annual cost for the supply and installation of dog poo bags is $31,000.

  3. How does Council propose that Barwon Coast Committee of Management cope this summer with the already under resourced & inadequate waste collections at Ocean Grove beach which regularly overflow with dog poo bags between W7 to W18?

    Barwon Coast Committee of Management is appointed by the Victorian Government to manage coastal Crown land through the Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads townships. This includes waste collection at Ocean Grove Beach and as such this question needs to be directed to them.

Sanja Van Huet submitted the following questions:

Congratulations to all returning and new Councillors and re-elected Mayor Asher. Three quick questions:

  1. Will Council be supporting the construction of the VIVA gas energy hub?

    Thank you for your questions Sanja:

    Viva’s vision to transform its Geelong Refinery into an energy hub has the potential to enable Viva to support the development of alternative energy sources, as well as renewable energy sources thus reducing their carbon footprint, supporting the future viability of the refinery, and maintaining jobs in the Geelong region.

    With regards to the planning approval process, the proposed process is yet to be determined for this proposal. City officers and the Victorian Government are in discussions with Viva Energy representatives regarding the decision-making process options.

  2. How does Council intend to progress towards a 2030 zero carbon emissions target?

    The recently adopted Environment Strategy 2020-2030 contains 5 strategic goals, including: “Become a zero-emission climate-ready city region.”

    To demonstrate leadership in local climate action the City has adopted the following corporate targets:

    In addition, we are currently developing a Climate Change Response Plan which will provide further details on how the City will reduce its operational carbon emissions and manage its climate change risks. The Plan will also identify how the City can support community and business efforts to reduce emissions and prepare to adapt to the likely impacts of a changing climate.

  3. Will Council be making publicly available an itemised, plain speak timeline, showing goals and milestones towards actively lowering carbon emissions in all areas of the CoGG?

    The City is currently developing a Climate Change Response Plan that will include corporate emissions reduction actions and priority areas for where the City can assist the community to reduce community related emissions. The Plan will include actions and timeframes for collective action on climate change.

    Through the community engagement process, the City’s goal is to jointly develop a municipality-wide action plan with the community that is understood, supported and provides a platform for a shared commitment to collaborative action.

John Verikios submitted the following questions:

I note the tender notice in the Geelong Advertiser on Saturday 28 November for the construction of the better bike connections Southern route stage one.

18 months seems a very long time between approval by the 6 Councillors in April of 2019 to the present calling for tender for its construction.

  1. Has the delay been due to any engineering challenges or safety concerns?

    Thank you for your questions John:

    Designs endorsed by Council in April progressed through a detailed design phase in preparation for tender. The detailed design phase included signal designs at new locations and also modification of existing signals impacted by the proposed changes. These designs underwent a robust approval process with Regional Roads Victoria (RRV).

    In addition, the design has also been modified to incorporate safety improvements identified through the Road Safety Audit. The project timelines have also been impacted by the extended approvals process, COVID-19 pandemic response, the Council caretaker period and election of a new Council.

  2. Have any alterations to the design have been made?

    Minor changes were made during the detailed design including the two stage wombat crossing at the intersection of Gheringhap and Kilgour Streets, that was originally planned to be signalised. This change was introduced to align with planned safety improvements to support slower speeds on Kilgour Street.

  3. Stage one with its bi-directional cycling lanes on the Western side of Moorabool approved are proposed to convert into one directional lanes on the Eastern and Western sides of High street Belmont (already approved) in stage two.

    How will this transition occur and is it possible to view the plans?

    The transition from the bi-directional to one directional lanes will be worked through in the detailed design of Stage 2, which has not yet commenced. The intention is for cyclists to transition at a signalised intersection on High Street.

Ian Rabone submitted the following questions:

  1. What proportion of households in Ocean Grove have dogs?

    Thank you for your questions John.

    Of the 10,625 properties in Ocean Grove, there are 2,327 (22%) with a registered dog.

  2. What is the cost of supplying, collecting and disposing of plastic bags used to pick up dog poo?

    The annual cost for the supply and installation of dog poo bags is $31,000.

Nick Foord submitted the following questions:

  1. Has the Council contacted Regional Roads Victoria and the Developer of The Heights Estate in Fyansford since communication it received from Bev McArthur MP?

  2. What steps has/is the Council going to take to ensure the regulation of 63 decibels is being met in the newly established The Heights Estate?

    Thank you for your questions Nick:

    We acknowledge that Regional Roads Victoria regulate the requirements for road noise from an arterial road and any monitoring required. Council has been in touch with Regional Roads Victoria in relation to the concerns raised by residents.

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Councillor Mason presented a petition from concerned residents in relation to the proposed changes to dining options in The Terrace, Ocean Grove.

Councillor Sullivan presented a petition from “change-org” asking Council to return Barwon Heads Pony Paddocks to Dog Off Leash Area.

Councillor Kontelj presented a petition from ‘Block the Noise’ in relation to noise control around the Heights Estate. The petition is calling for Council to extend the noise wall on the Western Ring Road.

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