Council Minutes - Section A: Procedural Matters - 24 September 2019

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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Greater Geelong City Council held at the Council Conference and Reception Centre in City Hall, 57 Little Malop Street, Geelong on 24 September 2019, commencing at 7:00pm.



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Also present:

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The Mayor declared the meeting open at 7:00pm.

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Council acknowledged Wadawurrung Traditional Owners of this land and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are part of the Greater Geelong community today.

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Confirmation of Minutes

Councillor Mason moved, Councillor Murrihy held seconded -

That the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 27 August 2019 be confirmed.


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Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

Councillor Murnane declared a Direct Interest in Agenda Item 2 – Little Malop Central Activation and Improvements Proposal in that he is the Executive Board Support of Active Geelong who will be making a submission to Council on this matter.

Councillor Kontelj declared an indirect financial interest in Agenda Item 4 – Amendment C395 – Settlement Strategy and Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas Framework Plan – Consideration of Submissions, in that one of the submitters is a customer of his employer.

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Youth Council Update - by Junior Mayor Josie Horne

Josie presented the Youth Council Update highlighting achievements since 30 July 2019 and outlined specific goals for the next two months.

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Public Question and Submission Time

Questions relating to Climate Emergency were submitted/received from the following:

Maree Fagan, Sanja Van Huet, Alan Barlee, Monika Coha, Ron Fletcher, David Phillips, Dr Jo Centra, Tina Thorburn, Monica Winston, Nikita Page, Lucy Coghlan,
Phil Baulch, Sue Bull, Heidi Fog, Vicki Perrett, Alex Marshall and Andy Meddick.

The Mayor provided the following response:

“Thank you for your questions and points. This is a matter that we are dealing with this evening”.

Jacqueline Edge addressed Council regarding the safety and shade of Elizabeth Street in Geelong West. Jacqueline also submitted a submission in relation to the above matters.

The submission was received for further investigation.

Russell Varcoe addressed Council re the intersection of Autumn and Elizabeth Streets and the inability for people with limited mobility to cross the intersection safely:

  1. Has Council identified this issue?

  2. Have works been programmed to rectify the matter?

  3. When will these works be undertaken?

Guy Wilson-Browne took the questions on notice for a written response.

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Councillor Mansfield presented a petition containing 304 signatures (which is in addition to the 1500 plus signatures previously submitted) in relation to Climate Emergency.

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