Minutes - Community Focus Council Meeting of Council - 14 May 2019

Held at the South Barwon Football and Netball Club, 77-79 Reynolds Road, Belmont commencing at 7:00pm.


Councillor B Harwood (Kardinia Ward)

Councillor S Asher (Bellarine Ward)

Councillor J Mason (Bellarine Ward)

Councillor T Sullivan (Bellarine Ward)

Councillor E Kontelj (Brownbill Ward)

Councillor S Mansfield (Brownbill Ward)

Councillor P Murrihy (Brownbill Ward)

Councillor R Nelson (Kardinia Ward)

Councillor P Murnane (Kardinia Ward)

Councillor A Aitken (Windermere Ward)

Councillor K Grzybek (Windermere Ward)


Section A - Procedural Matters

Section B – Reports

  1. Amendment C394 - Proposed Coastal Inundation Overlay

  2. Amendment C376 (Part 2) Removal of heritage overlay, Batesford Quarry - Consideration of submissions and adoption

  3. Financial Management Report - March 2019

  4. Council Plan Quarterly Report - March 2018

  5. Women in Community Life Advisory Committee (WICLAC) appointment of new members 2019

  6. G21 Regional Hockey Strategy - Final Report

  7. Greater Geelong and the Bellarine Tourism Development Plan

Close of Meeting

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