Minutes - Ordinary Meeting of Council - 26 February 2019

Held at the Council Conference and Reception Centre in City Hall, 57 Little Malop Street, Geelong commencing at 7:00pm.


Councillor B Harwood (Kardinia Ward)

Councillor S Asher (Bellarine Ward)

Councillor J Mason (Bellarine Ward)

Councillor T Sullivan (Bellarine Ward)

Councillor E Kontelj (Brownbill Ward)

Councillor S Mansfield (Brownbill Ward)

Councillor P Murrihy (Brownbill Ward)

Councillor R Nelson (Kardinia Ward)

Councillor P Murnane (Kardinia Ward)

Councillor A Aitken (Windermere Ward)

Councillor K Grzybek (Windermere Ward)


Section A - Procedural Matters

Section B – Reports

  1. Amendment C375 Barwon Heads Structure Plan – Consideration of Panel Report and Adoption

  2. Civic Accommodation Project Update – February 2019

  3. Bins in Central Geelong – Managing Commercial Waste, Recycling and Bin Storage

  4. Protecting the Hooded Plover Through the Adoption of the City’s Conservation Action Plan

  5. 2019 UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual General Meeting

  6. Tender T1900019 – Tivoli Drive Construction and Portarlington Road Signalisation Works

  7. Contractual Matter (Confidential)

Section C - Assembly of Councillors

Section D - Planning Delegations

Section E - Confidential

Close of Meeting

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