Minutes - Ordinary Meeting of Council - 10 May 2016

Held at the Council Conference and Reception Centre in City Hall, 57 Little Malop Street, Geelong commencing at 7:00pm.


Cr. D. Lyons

G21 Geelong Regional Alliance, Finance, Governance, Regional Cities



Cr. T. Ansett (Windermere)

Heritage, Rural Communities

Cr. L. Ellis (Coryule)

Coastal Communities, Infrastructure, Parks and Gardens, Climate Change

Cr. J. Farrell (Beangala)

Community Safety, Youth, Women in Community Life, Finance

Cr. K. Fisher (Corio)

Community Development, Tourism

Cr. B. Harwood (Kardinia)

Enterprise Geelong, Primary Industries

Cr. M. Heagney (Brownbill)

Central Geelong, Planning

Cr. J. Irvine (Austin)

Sport and Recreation

Cr. E. Kontelj (Cowie)  

Aboriginal Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, Finance

Cr. R. Macdonald (Cheetham)

Major Projects, Knowledge Economy and Education, Veteran Affairs

Cr. R. Nelson (Deakin)

Major Events

Cr. A. Richards (Buckley)

Environment and Sustainability, Transport, Arts and Culture, Climate Change


Section A - Procedural Matters

Section B – Reports

  1. 2016-2017 Proposed Budget

  2. Proposed City Plan 2013-2017 (2016-2017 Update)

  3. Financial Management Report – March 2016

  4. Geelong Library and Heritage Centre – Café and Catering Facilities

  5. Adopton of Amendment C329 – Rezoning of Land Adjacent to the Multicultural Aged Care Services Facility, De Stefano Drive, North Geelong

  6. Amendment C317 & Permit 970/2014 St Leonards Growth Area 1 – Consideration of Panel Report and Adoption

  7. Indented Head Structure Plan Review 2016

  8. Portarlington Structure Plan Review 2016

  9. Council Representation on the Board of Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine Inc

  10. External Membership – Potato Shed Committee

  11. Geelong Major Events Committee – Amended Instrument of Delegation and Terms of Reference

  12. Future Proofing Geelong Advisory Board Terms of Reference Review

  13. Audit Advisory Committee – Updated Terms of Reference

  14. Exchange of Land – Batman Road, Indented Head – Consideration of Submissions

  15. Baker Street Group, Ocean Grove Road Construction Special Charge Scheme – SRC340 – Intention to Declare

  16. Wyndham Street, Drysdale – Proposed Footpath Construction SRC343 – Declaration of Charge

  17. Elcho Channel and Drainage Upgrade – SRC322 – Declaration of Charge

  18. High Street, Belmont – Construction of Easement Drain – SRC303 & Belmont Street, Belmont – Carpark Construction – SRC 304 – Finalisation of Scheme

  19. Revocation of Flood Prone Area Designation of New Lots at Armstrong Villawood Estate Stages 14 and 23

  20. Consideration of Tender Submissions for Tender T1600011 – Supply of Asphalt Works, Products and Services

  21. Audit Advisory Committee (Confidential)

Section C - Assembly of Councillors

Section D - Confidential

Close of Meeting

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