Question Time - Ordinary Meeting of Council - 24 February 2015

The following questions were addressed to the above meeting. Some questions were adequately responded to at the meeting, however others required a more detailed response in writing.

This document includes both verbal and written responses. In this instance, no written responses were provided as issues were adequately addressed at the meeting.

Debra Schulz asked the following in relation to the proposed closure of Ironbark Street, Waurn Ponds:

Can the residents be consulted about what they want from their street?

All other roads that meet with Rossack Drive can turn either left or right from their streets but with the new development we will not be able to turn right out of or into our street.

Can this decision be reviewed to allow access to our street? Is there something more the residents can do to appeal this decision?

Cr Andy Richards thanked Ms Schulz for her question and indicated he would take the issue up with Council officers and contact her again once he has spoken to the engineers and viewed the plans. Cr Richards added there is a study coming back to Council regarding changed traffic conditions in Waurn Ponds, which includes Rossack Drive.

A subsequent written response was provided by the Acting General Manager City Services in the following terms:

I am in receipt of the petition to not close Ironbark Street and the questions raised at public question time on the 24th February 2015 and acknowledge your concerns.

The long term strategy for the construction of Rossack Drive has always been on the basis that it would be a divided road with local roads accessing via roundabouts at strategic locations. The construction of the roundabout at Cottonwood Way, Temt Terrace and Rossack Drive is consistent with the original strategy and will ensure satisfactory traffic access and deliver an outcome which will contribute to a safer environment.

I hope that over time you will adapt to the change being implemented. If you have any further queries please contact me on 0418 524 058 or via email

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