Council Minutes - Section C: Notice of Motion - 28 October 2014

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Notices of Motion tabled at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 28 October 2014 which was held at City Hall in Little Malop Street, Geelong.

Notice of Motion – Cr Eddy Kontelj and Cr Kylie Fisher

Joint Statement in support of Asylum Seekers living in the community


The City of Greater Dandenong Council hosted a Mayoral forum on 6 August 2014 regarding local impacts of asylum seekers living in the community. About 60 participants from a range of Councils, including the City of Greater Geelong, service organisations and government agencies shared ideas on planning for and supporting Asylum seekers.

Mayoral Forum Outcome

The key outcome of the Forum has been to progress a joint statement of advocacy which calls on the Federal Government for increased resources enabling local government to adequately respond to the needs of our respective asylum seeker communities and the agencies supporting them.

The joint statement represents the agreed views of local government bodies across Victoria in collaboration with human service organisations. This approach seeks effective collaboration and coordination between Commonwealth, State and Local Governments.

To gain positive and meaningful impacts for such intergovernmental commitments and collaboration, the following key areas of need are identified:

As one of the municipalities having a significant number of asylum seekers living within it, it is appropriate the City of Greater Geelong join with other Councils in this initiative which will lead to:

Cr E Kontelj moved, Cr Richards seconded -

That Council endorses the joint statement of advocacy in planning for and supporting Asylum seekers living in the Geelong community.


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