Council Minutes - Section A: Procedural Matters - 8 October 2013

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Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Greater Geelong City Council held at the Council Conference and Reception Centre - City Hall on 8 October 2013, commencing at 7:03pm.


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Also present:

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The Acting Mayor declared the meeting open at 7:03pm.


The Acting Mayor acknowledged that we are here today on the land of the Wathaurong People and we pay our respects to Aboriginal elders past and present.


Confirmation of Minutes

Cr Irvine moved, Cr Ansett seconded -

That the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 24 September 2013 be confirmed and signed.


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Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

Cr Eddy Kontelj declared an Indirect Interest in relation to Contract C1300023 - Green Organics Receival, in that several of the tenderers are significant customers of his employer.

Cr Harwood declared an Indirect Interest by Close Association with one of the tenderers in Item 7 – Contract C1300022 – Waste Haulage Services, and Indirect Interest by Close Association with a business that is connected to tenderers in Item 8 – Contract C1300023 – Receipt of Green Organic Material.

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Question Time

Question Time is an opportunity for questions to be addressed to Council and while the minutes record the general content, they do not purport to be a transcript of what was said by individuals. Likewise Councillor or Officer verbal responses are in summary form only. Views expressed may not be the views of Council.

Council's practice is to provide a separate document on its website setting out questions and responses including any more detailed written responses which may be provided subsequent to the meeting.

Dennis Foster asked if Councillors were aware that a large number of concerned residents have lodged an appeal with VCAT to overturn the decision of the Development Hearing Panel to grant a permit to build a 30 metre Telecommunications Tower in Hamlyn Park? Can I ask what support the Council is willing to give us as we take this matter to VCAT? Are Councillors willing to bring this matter back to the Chamber and vote to have Council demonstrate support for residents at VCAT? As Council own the land is Council prepared to run a public submission process for this site in regard to Telstra being granted a lease?

Peter Bettess responded that Council could determine to take a different position to VCAT, but must have good reason to do so, i.e. planning issue, etc. Technically, Council can conduct a public submission panel in relation to the lease of land.

The Acting Mayor added a response will be forwarded in writing within 14 days.

Peter Hayes submitted a question but was not present at the meeting.

Richard McNay asked if Council would consider a daytime/nightime encouragement to trucks passing through the CBD, other than an outright ban, which is highly discriminatory and unfair to heavy vehicle operators. Ideally, trucks would be discouraged from using the CBD during, say 7am to 7pm and suggested alternative routes made. These would be McKillop, Fyans and Breakwater Roads. Then the reverse applies, to limit the impact upon the residents of these areas, and uses the CBD when it is otherwise empty. This would be a simple, cheap and workable compromise solution that considers the needs of everyone involved. I would also like to request that Council takes a far reaching view, and looks to the future, rather than a simple, populist and kneejerk approach to this problem, using trucks as an easy target, when in fact the problem is not one of their making, rather a continual lack of foresight and planning on various governments and Council’s behalf.

The Acting Mayor advised the question would be addressed during debate of the item.

Greg McDonald asked the following questions in relation to Agenda Item 1 - Heavy Vehicle Restriction – Central Geelong – Request for Trial Period:

  1. Why are you proposing this and what do you hope to achieve by it?

  2. Why have you not consulted with effected businesses and ratepayers whose livelihoods you are effecting?

  3. Why are you not embracing the whole problem and looking for a more sustainable solution rather than compounding the problem on Ryrie Street?

The Acting Mayor took the questions on notice.

Colin Wallace asked:

  1. Through the Acting Mayor, my question is for Cr Ellis: as one of the three Councillors on the Submissions Review Panel for the Council Meeting Procedures Local law 2013, did you have the 2009 Local law and specifically the section on Public Question Time so you could compare it with what was proposed for the Public Question Time section of the 2013 Local Law?

Cr Ellis responded the question would be taken on notice.

Further comments made by Mr Wallace were noted.

Michael Garvey asked:

  1. Why has there not been an extensive public consultation process in relation to the Heavy Vehicle Restriction item, given past history of this issue?

  2. Why has not traffic been re-routed via Breakwater Bridge?

The Acting Mayor advised the questions would be addressed during debate of the item.

Paul Dallas asked:

  1. How will speed of vehicle be monitored (50k zone) - no vehicles comply?

  2. Monitoring of noise - engine brakes and exhaust noise levels?

  3. Ryrie and Latrobe Terrace – How will traffic signals be changed to allow for extra traffic turning in Latrobe Terrace?

The Acting Mayor advised the question would be addressed during debate of the item.

Darryn Lyons expressed his concerns in relation to a Compliance Raid (including Council officers, police and CFA) made on his business last Friday evening.

The Acting Mayor advised he has spoken with the CEO and there are meetings being arranged as we speak to address this particular issue to ensure it doesn’t happen again in this manner.

Ben Connoley addressed Council as follows:

I live in the bottom end of McKillop Street between Ormond and Boundary Roads. Given that this part of McKillop Street has always been a single land residential street and not part of the Bellarine Highway, what measures do Council have in place to stop B-doubles, semis, etc. from using this street as a thoroughfare?

The Acting Mayor advised the question would be addressed during debate of the item.

Leanne McPherson as if Council is considering making the corner of McKillop and Humble Streets a 40k zone / school zone – due to Karingal?

The Acting Mayor advised the question would be addressed during debate of the item.

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Cr Ellis presented a petition containing approximately 1,402 signatures from residents requesting funding for School Crossing Supervisor(s) at the Portarlington Primary School.

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