Minutes - Ordinary Meeting of Council - 9 October 2012

Held at the Council Conference and Reception Centre in City Hall, Little Malop Street, Geelong commencing at 7:00pm.


Cr. J. Mitchell (Austin) - Mayor

Communications / Sport and Recreation / Democracy & Governance / Central Geelong Looking Forward



Cr. B.H. Abley (Brownbill)

Arts and Culture

Cr. J. Doull (Coryule)

Environment and Sustainability, Climate Change

Cr. J. Farrell (Beangala)

Education and Youth, Community Safety

Cr. K. Fisher (Corio)

Community Development

Cr C. Grainger (Windermere)


Cr. B. Harwood (Kardinia)

Finance, Tourism, Major Events, Strategic Development

Cr. E. Kontelj (Cowie)  

Aboriginal Affairs, Multicultural Affairs

Cr. Dr. S. Kontelj (Kildare)

Major Projects

Cr. R. Macdonald (Cheetham)

Economic Development, Planning

Cr. R. Nelson (Deakin)

Rural and Regional Affairs

Cr. A. Richards (Buckley)

Transport, Infrastructure, Parks and Gardens


Section A - Procedural Matters

Section B – Reports

  1. Emergency Management – 2012/2013 Fire Danger Period Preparedness Report

  2. StreetLife Funding

  3. Animal Registration Update

  4. Torquay Road and Marshalltown Road, Grovedale – Proposed Footpath Construction SRC332 – Declaration of Charge

  5. Manton Road and Lester Street, Moolap – Proposed Road Construction SRC331 – Declaration of Charge

Section C - Notices of Motion

Section D - Common Seal Register

Section E - Assembly of Councillors

Close of Meeting

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