Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs - For Swim, Sport and Leisure

Frequently asked questions relating to Swim, Sport and Leisure facilities during the coronavirus situation.

Why are your SSL facilities closed?

We closed some City facilities temporarily in an effort to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health of our community.

National Cabinet has since decided to implement Stage 1 of a shutdown of non-essential activity across the country, effective from 23 March.

Gyms and indoor sporting venues are among the businesses ordered to close.

For a list of affected services, please visit


How long will the closed facilities remain closed?

Stage 1 of the national shutdown is in place until at least 13 April.


I am a Swim Sport and Leisure centre member. Will my membership be suspended automatically?

Your membership has been automatically suspended. You don’t need to contact the centre.


My children have lessons with the Webstar’s swim school. Will my payments be suspended?

Yes. Your payments have been suspended. If you pay an annual membership fee, your membership length will be automatically lengthened.


What if I have other queries / concerns? How can I contact staff?

You can still contact the centres by phone:

  • BASC: 5256 2111
  • Leisurelink: 5243 9595
  • Splashdown: 5248 4555
  • Waterworld: 5275 1909
  • BVAC: 5243 7718
  • Leisuretime: 5272 4990
  • The Arena: 5278 3092

Members can also email the Centre Managers directly on the following email addresses:

My club / organisation is a tenant at one of the City’s centres? How will the closures impact me? What do I need to do?

As a leaseholder it is imperative that you are aware of and enforce the restrictions that are now in place for non-essential mass gatherings.

The Deputy Chief Health Officer Deputy has directed that the following restrictions now apply to non-essential mass gatherings (until midnight on 13 April) in order to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • A person who owns, controls or operates premises in the State of Victoria must no allow a mass gathering to occur on the premises.
  • A person must not organise a mass gathering on premises in the State of Victoria.
  • A person must not attend a mass gathering on premises in the state of Victoria.
  • A mass gathering means:
  • A gathering of 500 or more people in a single undivided outdoor space at the same time;
  • A gathering of 100 or more people in a single undivided indoor space at the same time.

There are some exemptions. Visit for further information on this directive.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 31 March 2020