Organisational leadership, strategy and governance

We will be the ‘leading voice’ of the community by delivering confident governance and strategic planning.

Key priorities

  • Proactively managing our assets, including land holdings.
  • Consolidating the City of Greater Geelong offices.
  • Communicating and engaging more effectively with the community, in areas of need.
  • Continuing to transform our workplace culture.
  • Using data and analytics to make better decisions.
  • Making our processes more effective and efficient.
  • Increasing state and federal funding for the region.
  • Developing, promoting and improving the City’s brand.
  • Leading major local organisations in collaborative projects.
  • Using better communication to strengthen our strategic priorities.

Our aims 2019-2020

  • Commence design and development of the Civic Precinct.
  • Implement the Organisation Leadership and Capability Framework.
  • Commence operation of an Enterprise Project Management Office.
  • Establish and support an organisational change management function.
  • Promote and support the Junior Youth Council.
  • Commence first year delivery of 5-year service plans.
  • Establish an agreed program for detailed reviews of service delivery.
  • Create a new advocacy function.
  • Improve our inclusive engagement practices.
  • Deliver actions as outlined in the Corporate Communications and Marketing Strategy.
  • Identify opportunities to sell unused land.
  • Continue Community Focus Meetings and live-streaming of Council Meetings.
  • Commence planning for 2020 council elections.

Measures of success

  • Score of greater than 70 for community satisfaction with overall council performance.
  • Score of greater than 80 for community satisfaction with customer service.
  • Score of greater than 60 for community satisfaction in decision-making.
  • Score of greater than 60 for community satisfaction with community consultation (engagement).
  • Score of greater than 70 for community satisfaction with overall council direction.
  • Lost time injury frequency rate decreased.
  • 70 per cent result for employee engagement.
  • 80 per cent of employees agree they are satisfied with working for us.
  • Positive media coverage increased.

Page last updated: Monday, 2 August 2021