Innovative finances and technology

Clever and sustainable financial management, matched with digital growth, will advance our future.

Key priorities

  • Delivering smart technology solutions to areas such as street lighting, parking, waste management and children’s services.
  • Developing digital tools and technologies to improve service delivery and our customer experience.
  • Increasing free Wi-Fi in public spaces and community facilities.
  • Delivering Smart Cities infrastructure using electronic data collection to better manage assets and resources.
  • Attracting more technology-focused businesses to our region.
  • Examining our budget to fund future initiatives.
  • Establishing sustainable financial and infrastructure management systems for our future.

Our aims in 2019-2020

  • Install sensor networks to enable the use of smart sensors for services including parking and waste management.
  • Commence implementation of Asset Management Strategy.
  • Support greater levels of digital inclusion in the community.
  • Establish and embed the Smart City Office function.
  • Commence Digital Transformation with a focus on customer experience.
  • Implement Mobile Maintenance Management System.
  • Install enhanced broadband for the Bellarine.

Measures of success

  • Better Wi-Fi access in community facilities and public spaces.
  • More online transactions with our customers.
  • Less than 5 per cent budget variation (actual to budget).
  • Increased revenue streams.

Page last updated: Thursday, 6 May 2021