Integrated transport connections

Our focus will be on improving our public and active transport, and better connecting our networks.

Key priorities

  • Supporting projects in the G21 Region Road Transport Plan.
  • Working with VicRoads to deliver the Network Operating Plan, to improve bus services.
  • Improving our road management and engagement program.
  • Delivering better-connected walking, cycling and trail paths across our region.
  • Advocating to improve rail, road and sea connections for our region.
  • Working with government to improve freight connections to the Geelong Port.
  • Advocating and planning for a second container port at Baywest.
  • Supporting further international flights at Avalon.
  • Supporting the redevelopment of the rail station precinct, including a modern bus terminal.
  • Delivering the Better Bike Connections project.

Our aims in 2019-2020

  • Implement council program of infrastructure upgrades including streets, roads and drains.
  • Progress Better Bike Connections, west and southern routes.
  • Upgrade and deliver new footpaths, cycling and trail paths and create linkages between paths.
  • Adopt the Transport Network Operating Plan including recommendations from the Bus Services Review.
  • Lead the Regional Fast Rail Advocacy Alliance.
  • Explore opportunities to enable the Geelong-Melbourne ferry service.
  • Review and implement Greater Geelong Cycling Strategy.
  • Undertake detailed design to create linkages between shared paths across the region.

Measures of success

  • Increased kilometres of bicycle and walking paths.
  • Score of 60 for community satisfaction rating with sealed local roads.
  • Renewal gap for road management reduced

Page last updated: Monday, 2 August 2021