Planned sustainable development

We will use sustainable principles to guide development of growth areas and help protect our townships.

Key priorities

  • Making sure housing supply, diversity and affordability can meet the needs of our growing community.
  • Facilitating opportunities for infill residential development.
  • Continuing to develop urban growth areas across the region.
  • Managing the impact of development on the unique character of our townships.
  • Improving the environmental performance of new developments, using planning controls.
  • Delivering biodiversity conservation programs.
  • Preserving nature reserves, rural and coastal environments.

Our aims in 2019-2020

  • Implement the Settlement Strategy to guide growth and development in townships and urban areas.
  • Commence a Precinct Structure Plan in each of the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas.
  • Unlock barriers to investment in key development areas, urban renewal areas and station precincts.
  • Progress the Municipal Heritage Strategy in partnership with the Heritage Advisory Committee.
  • Continue to implement the Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area to ensure infrastructure and services meet the needs of the new communities.
  • Work with Victorian Government to conserve the Bellarine as a distinctive landscape area.
  • Develop the Sparrovale Wetlands Master Plan and begin construction.
  • Adopt the Saleyard Precinct Master Plan.
  • Work with Victorian Government to deliver the Geelong Growth Area Transport Infrastructure Strategy.

Measures of success

  • More protected natural habitat that we manage.
  • Planned 15 years of residential land supply.
  • 40 per cent of new housing construction conducted within existing urban areas.
  • 100 per cent of new large, City-owned buildings rated 5-star ‘Green Star’.
  • 100 per cent of new, small City-owned buildings with built environment sustainability scorecard or equivalent.
  • Planning controls in place that require a mandatory sustainable design assessment of all new developments

Page last updated: Monday, 2 August 2021