A more inclusive and diverse community

We want to recognise all members of the Geelongcommunity and not leave anyone behind.

Key priorities

  • Advocating for, and helping to achieve, the priorities set by local Aboriginal people.
  • Improving our engagement with our culturally diverse population.
  • Supporting activities that improve social connections in our community.
  • Promoting gender equity and diversity in our sporting and leisure facilities, and programs.
  • Facilitating employment programs for the communities that need it most, including young people.
  • Improving access to facilities and programs for people of all abilities.
  • Recognising our returned service men and women.
  • Further developing programs that support older people and young people in our community.
  • Advocating for inclusive, multicultural activities and respect for cultural diversity.

Our aims in 2019-2020

  • Develop and launch the Reconciliation Action Plan.
  •  Implement the first year of the Multicultural Action Plan.
  • Continue to invest in programs and facilities to support gender equity in sport.
  • Develop and launch the Positive Ageing Plan.
  • Deliver employment programs for people with Jobs Victoria Employment Network and Skilling the Bay.
  • Implement the Community Access and Inclusion Plan including the Changing Places Strategy.
  • Start design of inclusive playground at Rippleside Park.

Measures of success

  • 60 per cent of adults definitely feel multiculturalism makes life better.
  • 75 per cent of adults attending a local community event.
  • 80 per cent of adults feel that they can  get help from family, friends or neighbours when needed.
  • More of community facilities with gender-neutral and accessible toilets, or change areas.

Page last updated: Monday, 2 August 2021