Informed social infrastructure and planning

We will strive for social equity in the infrastructure and services we deliver for our community.

Key priorities

  • Providing more quality spaces that support active lifestyles.
  • Supporting the growth of localised and regional sporting facilities.
  • Delivering accessible and attractive community infrastructure, based on community need.
  • Advocating and planning for a range of social and affordable housing options.
  • Maintaining our public open space.

Our aims in 2019-2020

  • Provide new sports and leisure facilities and upgrade existing ones.
  • Engage with sporting clubs and community groups to improve access to community and sporting facilities.
  • Advocate for funding for the Northern ARC Health and Wellbeing Hub.
  • Complete planning to upgrade children’s centres, and construct and open new centres.
  • Acquire land for new community infrastructure.
  • Implement a new approach for the Community Investment and Support Fund.
  • Identify locations and construct two fenced dog parks.
  • Improve playgrounds using the Geelong Play Strategy.
  • Develop a feasibility study for a livestock and information exchange facility.
  • Finalise and implement the Osborne Park Precinct Master Plan and business case.

Measures of success

  • No net loss of public open space by suburb.
  • 100 per cent of plans for key community infrastructure projects completed.

Page last updated: Thursday, 6 May 2021