Council Plan 2018-2022

Council Plan 2018-2022 - Putting Our Community first outlines how we will work towards making Greater Geelong a clever and creative city-region.

It will guide our resources to deliver infrastructure, services and program to the community in a sustainable way.

The 11 strategic priorities we will focus on for the next four years are:

  1. Improved health and safety of our community
  2. Informed social infrastructure and planning
  3. A more inclusive and diverse community
  4. Planned sustainable development
  5. Effective environmental management
  6. Vibrant arts and culture
  7. Integrated transport connections
  8. A thriving and sustainable economy
  9. Growing our tourism and events
  10. Innovative finances and technology
  11. Organisational leadership, strategy and governance

Page last updated: Monday, 2 August 2021