Councillor Sarah Mansfield

Brownbill Ward

Phone: 0436 343 642
Email: [email protected]

About Councillor Mansfield

Describe yourself

I'm a local GP, a Senior Lecturer at Deakin University and a mum. I have worked in community general practice and with people experiencing homelessness, and have expertise in public health and financing.

Geelong has been my home for the past 10 years, where I live with my husband and two young children. We love the sense of community and beautiful natural environment.

My connection to Geelong has grown over time through involvement in community groups, sports, membership of a local school council, and volunteer work with a health literacy program for migrants and refugees.

Why did you run for council?

As a GP, I know that our social and physical environment have a major impact on health and wellbeing.

I want to be part of a council that works to build healthier and more sustainable communities, and puts caring for people and the environment at the heart of its decisions.

Top three areas of focus during your term

  1. Work with the community to take stronger action on climate change.
  2. Improved public transport, cycling and walking options for a safer and better connected Geelong.
  3. Increased affordable and social housing

What does a ‘clever and creative’ Geelong region mean to you?

It means drawing on evidence and expertise, using partnerships and networks, and working with the community to seek the best solutions to our challenges and make the most of opportunities.

Favourite thing about Greater Geelong?

I love the sense of community and beautiful natural environment.

Portfolios and Committees

  • Aboriginal Affairs portfolio (Deputy Chair)
  • Affordable Social Housing Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Ageing-Well Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Circular Economy portfolio (Deputy Chair)
  • Climate Change Action portfolio (Deputy Chair)
  • Community Health & Aged Care portfolio (Chair)
  • Diversity, Inclusion & LGBTIQ+ portfolio (Chair)
  • G21 Pillar – Health and Wellbeing
  • Geelong Regional Library Corporation
  • Innovative Solutions portfolio (Deputy Chair)
  • Social Housing portfolio (Chair)
  • Transport portfolio (Deputy Chair)

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