Portarlington NE Group - Street Construction Public Information Session

Daily from 22 March 2012 to 15 June 2012

Following feedback received from the community at the public information session the City has committed to prepare a report for the Council to consider and provide direction on the future of the Portarlington NE Group street construction project.

Answers to further information requested from the public are as follows:
  • Construction costs for conventional road construction, including asphalt seal, kerb & channel and local street drainage have been estimated based on recent subdivision construction on the Bellarine Peninsula.  This cost is btween $1,100 and $1,200 per metre frontage of property, each property.
  • Where local street drainage exists and is found to be sufficient in capacity, the estimated reduction in cost is between $300 and $500 per metre frontage of property.
  • There is no plans for footpath construction to be included in this project.
  • Objections to the estimated cost of works do not assist in assessing this project as Council has no control over market construction rates.
  • The City does not make any profit from this type of work, costs charged to residents are solely related to the work undertaken.
  • The survey format for this consultation is via email, letter and online responses, in addition to those comments received during the consultation session.
  • If you are signing a petition please check, read and understand exactly what you are signing and its implications. It is your vote in this process.
  • Only property owners affected by the project works are included in the legal assessment of comments due to specific requirements within the Local Government Act.
Information prior to information session
The City will be holding a public information and consultation session regarding the previously surveyed option for road construction works in the Portarlington NE Group.
The Portarlington NE Group consists of all streets bounded by Hood Rd, Fisher St, Mercer St and The Esplanade, Portarlington.
The Public Information and Consultation Session will be:
Parks Hall Community Hall – Parkview Room
Newcombe Street, Portarlington
Friday 13 April 2012
3:30pm – 7:30pm
Whilst not all properties are affected by this proposal, residents and property owners are invited to view the draft plans for the area and discuss the proposal with Council staff.
Copies of the plans will also be available for viewing at the Drysdale Customer Service Centre. 

You may provide comments online in the Feedack section below or by email engineeringfeedback@geelongcity.vic.gov.au  (Subject: SRC – Portarlington NE Group).

This project is proposed to be undertaken over a number of years commencing in 2012/13 subject to property owner support. 

Costs will be formalised once an agreement has been reached on the extent of chargeable works to be undertaken. 

Further information is available in the attached FAQ document.

Status: Closed


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