Delegations Policy

There are many Acts and Regulations which confer a responsibility on councils to take action or determine matters. Because of this, it is not practical for Council alone to exercise the many statutory powers, duties and functions bestowed on the Council. As a result, Council delegates authority to others under a set of delegation instruments.

The Delegations Policy establishes a framework for managing Council delegated authority so that those delegated authorities continue to be exercised for the efficient and effective delivery of services to the community.

The policy provides guidance to Council officers regarding:

  • how delegations are to be made
  • what is excluded and any conditions and limitations required
  • the authority to sub-delegate
  • staff and special committee delegates
  • matters that should be referred to Council
  • issues around the exercise of delegations
  • consideration of delegated powers, duties and functions when making a decision or recommending a decision be made
  • standards to apply to the review of delegations
  • monitoring the effectiveness of Council’s delegations framework

Page last updated: Monday, 4 April 2022