Mayor Stephanie Asher

Mayor Stephanie Asher ran for council to represent the passionate and intelligent community on the Bellarine Peninsula and to contribute to Geelong’s clever and creative future.

The region of Geelong has so many unique and special aspects that it was an easy decision for Mayor Asher to move here to start her family in Ocean Grove 18 years ago. 

She believes that Geelong is already a beautiful city but it has untapped potential as a thriving centre, with increasingly diverse employment opportunities and an unparalleled lifestyle.

As a coastal resident, she believes that the city of Geelong needs to be our economic centre and a hub of community activity.

Mayor Asher wants to actively contribute to the transformation of Geelong into a place that is widely respected for its strengths, beauty and liveability.

Mayor Asher looks forward to working with the council team to set a strategy and implementation plan to align with the 30 year vision so they can make real progress.  

She wants to develop a productive and positive connection with residents, ratepayers and council staff to help break down adversarial attitudes. 

Mayor Asher also thinks it’s important that people understand why decisions are made, which relies on clear and transparent communication from council. Some of this means changing some of the traditional ways of council, which won’t be easy but she believes it’s necessary for a more positive experience for all concerned.

Mayor Asher’s favourite thing in Greater Geelong is definitely Ocean Grove beach. In Geelong city it’s Eastern Beach and the running tracks along the waterfront and the river.


  • Economic Development (Chair)
  • Leadership and Governance (Chair)
  • Environment (Deputy Co-Chair)


  • Central Administrative Office Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Regional Capitals Australia
  • Regional Cities Victoria
  • G21 Geelong Region Alliance
  • G21 Environment Pillar
  • G21 Economic Development Pillar
  • CEO Employment Matters Committee
  • Audit and Risk

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