Councillor Jim Mason AM

Bellarine Ward

Phone: 0434 307 048

Email: [email protected]

About Councillor Mason

Describe yourself

I am retired and live with Lynne, my loved partner in life where we keep physically active and pursue our farming interests, our ongoing quests for knowledge and improvements to the environment.

I have had a rich, diverse and successful professional career in teaching, engineering and humanitarian program policy development and management in many countries.

In my eighth decade living on planet earth, I continue to enhance my understanding that there are limits to growth, that we must live in harmony with the natural systems of the universe and sometimes grieve about the seemingly irreversible and parlous direction in which we are heading.

Why did you run for council?

I want to make a useful and lasting contribution to the City of Greater Geelong, its people, culture, economy and environment and this is my opportunity.

I can do this by applying the principles, knowledge and skills which I have developed over a lifetime of a challenging and diverse professional career.

Top three areas of focus during your term

  1. Environment
  2. Social connectivity and Infrastructure
  3. Economy

What does a ‘clever and creative’ Geelong region mean to you?

A progressive, adventurous, optimistic municipal outlook unconstrained by dogmas of parochial self-interest and fantasies of return to antiquated lifestyles and business models.

Favourite thing about Greater Geelong?

Geelong offers a rich diversity of opportunities in business, education, and culture within the backdrop of regenerating rural and coastal environments.

Portfolios and Committees

  • Aboriginal Affairs portfolio (Chair)
  • Association of Bayside Municipalities
  • Citizenship and Community Engagement portfolio (Deputy Chair)
  • Creative Communities and Culture portfolio (Deputy Chair)
  • Diversity, Inclusion and LGBTIQ+ portfolio (Deputy Chair)
  • G21 Pillar – Education and Training
  • Geelong Regional Library Corporation
  • Geelong – Queenscliffe Coastal Adaptation Program
  • Environment portfolio (Chair)
  • Kilangiti (formally Karreenga) Aboriginal Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Leisure & Recreation portfolio (Deputy Chair)
  • Multicultural Action Plan Committee (Chair)
  • Multicultural Affairs portfolio (Chair)
  • Rural and Coastal portfolio (Chair)
  • Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • Shared Trails portfolio (Chair)

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