Councillor Anthony Aitken

Councillor Aitken ran for council to provide a passionate community minded and strong voice for the north on council and has an agenda of back to basics.

Councillor Aitken was born and raised in Corio and was educated at Deakin University. He’s travelled extensively around the world but has always called Geelong home.

Councillor Aitken is very proud to say:

I am a son of the north. Many people in the north experience less opportunity than others, but we share the same aspirations and love for the community in which we live as other parts of Geelong.

Councillor Aitken has a strong family history of community service and has sat on the boards of a number of community organisations. He believes that giving back to the community you live in is one of the most important values a person can have.

Councillor Aitken has the following aims for his first term as councillor:

  • govern for the community’s benefit
  • start the process to restore the community’s respect for council
  • work collaboratively with my fellow councillors
  • manage the community’s finances in a fair but financially sustainable manner
  • establish pride amongst the thousands employed by council that it is a great place to work
  • implement the Creative and Clever vision to address the less opportunities that exist for many in Geelong, but especially in the north
  • improve council’s basic service delivery including reintroduction of a hard waste collection system
  • provide strong advocacy and policy support for the volunteering, disability and community sports sectors in Geelong.

Councillor Aitken’s favourite thing about Geelong is our caring community and the fact we are a great place to live, work and relax. As a bonus, we have our own team in the AFL. Go Geelong Cats!


  • Finance (Chair)
  • Parks, Gardens and City Services (Chair)
  • Waste Management (Deputy Co-Chair)


  • G21 Environment Pillar
  • Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • Central Administrative Office Advisory Committee
  • CEO Employment Matters Committee

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