Organisation overview

Our organisation (City of Greater Geelong) is made up of eight divisions, each of which has a number of departments to meet specific community and business needs.

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Community Care is responsible for the provision of a suite of services to support senior citizens and vulnerable residents across the municipality.

Connected Communities works in partnership with individuals, groups and organisations to help build a well-informed, inclusive and skilled community and improve service and facility outcomes for residents.

Family Services provides services for families and children aged 0-12 through the delivery of programs such as Maternal and Child Health, Long Day Care, Kindergarten, Occasional Care, School Holiday Program, Parenting Programs and Playgroups.

Healthy Communities is responsible for the provision of preventative health programs through the implementation of the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan.

Leisure & Recreation Services aims to help people thrive and connect through active and healthy lifestyle. This department provides a great range of indoor and outdoor leisure and aquatic centres, golf courses, stadiums, and halls for the community.

Social Planning & Investment is responsible for the management of the City's social infrastructure across community planning, policy development, business development and focused marketing, and the identification and review of future social investment opportunities.

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Page last updated: Friday, 16 November 2018