About Local Government

We play a unique role in the community that is hard to find in any other industry or environment.

A Council is a democratically elected body that provides governance for a specific geographic area.

Local councils comprise a third tier of government, in addition to Federal and State governments, and are generally regarded as closest to the people. Councils consist of an elected arm (Councillors who are democratically elected by the community) and an operational arm (City employees).

As the Council, the Councillors set the strategic direction and plan for the municipality and community. City (City of Greater Geelong) employees, led by the Chief Executive Officer, are then responsible for implementing the strategic plan.

Council activities are diverse and extensive. We maintain significant community infrastructure, provide a range of services and enforce various local laws for our community.

Community infrastructure includes roads, bridges, drains, town halls, libraries, recreation facilities, parks and gardens.

We provide many services to the community including property, economic, human, recreational and cultural services.

Councils also enforce State and local laws relating to such matters as land use planning, environment protection, public health, traffic, parking and animal management.

Geelong is among the largest of the 79 Victorian Councils, representing approximately 225,000 residents. More about our community profile

Page last updated: Monday, 28 February 2022