Plaques and memorials - conditions

A number of conditions need to be considered prior to applying for the installation of a plaque or memorial.

Subjects for plaques and memorials will be limited to the following:

  • an individual or entity that has contributed significantly to the cultural, political or social aspects of Geelong's development

  • an individual or entity strongly linked to the City of Greater Geelong and its history

  • a significant event or structure unique to the history and development of the locality

  • historical or other information relevant to the site/location of the plaque.

Installation of a memorial commemorating a person will not generally be considered within three years of the death of that person, to allow for the development of a historical perspective and for consideration of the criteria for significance.

Memorials commemorating the death of domestic animals are not permitted on public land.

Where possible, applicants are encouraged to consider another method of commemoration which supports the City's open space management aims such as the planting of a memorial tree.

Plaques and memorials shall be designed and sited so as not intrude upon or damage the structure or natural environment or otherwise create a public risk. Their construction should require little maintenance and should be resistant to vandalism.

The City maintains the right to remove or relocate a plaque or memorial should the site be redeveloped or significantly changed in character. The City does not guarantee the retention of any plaque or memorial.

The person or group making the request is responsible for covering all costs associated with the proposed facility (for example: park bench, fountain, etc), including production, installation and maintenance.

Proposed sites for plaques and memorials should meet the City's planning requirements.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 17 October 2018