Change is happening rapidly in Geelong, and it’s happening at all levels of community, the economy and across the landscape. This change creates challenges for all of us.

The City of Greater Geelong’s Connecting Identities is a three-year arts project of national and international significance. It is designed to create links within a local government organisation, as well as across a diverse municipality facing the challenges of change.

Connecting Identities is a project that grows from the ground up and is about the land we walk, and the people that make up the City of Greater Geelong.

Connecting Identities is about the importance of local places and communities. It is about preserving memory, creating shared vision, and respecting individual expression. It will be art that is daring, listens, reflects, and challenges.

Connecting Identities


There are three elements happening over three years.

Connecting... to memory

A place where memory is held safe and accessible.

Over 40 short films and a number of written anecdotes have already been collected capturing stories that reveal the diverse personal meanings and associations of local places. These stories form a growing collection housed on the Connecting Identities website.

A further collection of audio stories are being gathered in locations where they can be listened to at their place of origin. Using a mobile phone, people will be able to listen to stories about the land on which they are standing. This aspect of the project is known as [murmur] and is being developed in collaboration with a Canadian team of story collectors who first developed the idea in Toronto.

Connecting... to land

A journey across the municipality.

For one day only water will flow uphill in Geelong Saturday May 9th 2009... dawn to dusk.

From first light at the mouth of the Barwon River to setting sun at the You Yangs, 12 ambassadors representing the 12 wards of Council will carry water in a 54 kilometre relay – kayaking, on horses, strolling, in processions, by train, in utes, on bike and foot. People of Geelong are invited to join the relay at locations along the way…or simply take a moment to reflect on the gift of water, the memory it holds, the connection it makes between people and places, and the future it creates. Artworks and songlines will mark the journey through iconic locations arriving at dusk for a celebration at Big Rock.

Mouth to Mountain is built on more than a year of engagement between artists and communities throughout Geelong. Those who take part in the relay will be forming a contemporary songline for others to follow.

Connecting... to songline

Music connecting to the future.

M2M is a contemporary songline of music reflecting the changing landscape between the mouth of the Barwon River across country and city to the top of the You Yangs. Together with aerial photography and film from MOUTH TO MOUNTAIN, and stories from MEMORY BANK, M2M will be a music event that reflects Geelong communities embracing change, honouring the past, acknowledging the present and visioning the future.