Submit a request for compensation

If you have sustained an injury, loss or damage because you believe there has been negligence by the City of Greater Geelong, you can submit a request for compensation.

Submitting this request along with supporting material will enable us to assess your claim.

Before you start


  • The City is not liable for the first $1,460 of any claim for property damage or economic loss caused by the condition of a road or infrastructure. This amount is set by the Victorian government under the Road Management Act 2004 (Vic). If your loss is more than $1,460, we will assess your claim and deduct $1,460 from any damages we are required to pay you.
  • Submitting this request does not guarantee you will receive compensation.
  • We may need to provide your claim details and/or contact third parties and other authorities relating to this claim.
  • Most claims investigations can take up to 28 working days however it may be longer depending on the complexity of your claim.

Submit a request for compensation  

After receiving your request

Once we have completed our investigations (up to 28 working days in most cases), we will contact you in writing.

Decisions review

Your request for compensation will be thoroughly assessed and you will be advised of our decision. 

However, you can request an independent review of your claim by the Internal Ombudsman. This request should be submitted in writing including an explanation as to why you disagree with our decision along with further evidence to support your position.

The Internal Ombudsman is an independent role with bestowed power to investigate concerns or issues with our administrative process.

Your request for review can be addressed to [email protected].

Page last updated: Monday, 25 October 2021