Complaints and requests for service

We can help you with complaints or requests for service.


If your issue is regarding one of the following:

  • Processes
    This usually relates to dissatisfaction with issues such as delays, service charges, or an agreed practice covered by a procedure.
  • Employees/contractors
    Usually relates to dissatisfaction with the behaviour of a Council employee/contractor or a mistake made by an employee.
  • Quality of service
    Generally related to the quality of the finished job, such as service not being up to an expected standard.

Register a complaint

Requests for service

A complaint should not be confused with a request for service which is recorded in our Request for Service System. Examples of Requests for Service commonly mistaken for a complaint include:

  • A request for works or services (for example: missed bin collection) – unless it is a second request where there has been failure to take action after the request has been received, or the response was unsatisfactory.
  • Reports of damaged, hazardous or faulty infrastructure (for example: pot-hole, fallen trees).
  • An expression or feedback concerning the general direction or performance of the Council or its elected representatives.
  • Reports concerning an event, service or business for which Council is not responsible.
  • Reports about neighbours, dogs, noise, unauthorised building work or similar issues that fall into the regulatory aspect of our service.
  • The lodgement of an appeal or objection in accordance with a standard procedure or policy (for example: a development application approval).
  • A request for a review or waiver of a penalty infringement notice (PIN) issued under Council’s Local Laws or other legislation is not deemed a complaint unless it is about the conduct of an officer issuing the PIN. All requests for a waiver or review are dealt with under a separate standard operating (Appeal) procedure.

If your complaint does meet one of the above definitions, we can best respond through a Request for Service or feedback.

Anonymous complaints

Anonymous complaints will generally only be acted on where the matter is relatively serious, and there is sufficient information in the complaint to allow for an investigation to be undertaken. Anonymous complaints must be referred to the relevant Manager, who will decide if any further action should be taken.

Complaints not covered by this system

Complaints will not be dealt with under this system where the complaint:

  • Is considered trivial, frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith.
  • Relates to the employment or dismissal of any employee.
  • Relates to a matter awaiting determination by Council or relates to a decision of Council.
  • Relates to the performance of a Councillor – referred to the Mayor for action.
  • Relates to a matter outside the jurisdictional responsibility of Council.
  • Relates to matters already under investigation by a Federal or State Government, the Ombudsman, is before a Court, Coroner or Tribunal or other authorised regulatory authority.
  • Where other remedies exist that haven’t been exhausted.

The complainant will be notified how the matter is being dealt with.

Page last updated: Monday, 19 March 2018