Dell-ightful new attraction for the Bellarine

Saturday, 1 October 2022

With calm, shallow waters and protected parkland, The Dell at Clifton Springs is a relaxing and popular family friendly space.

However, swirling currents and shifting sands have forced us to work hard to minimise coastal erosion, maintain safe access to the beach and stabilise the towering cliffs.

A new clever and creative project tackles these issues at The Dell, while providing a distinctive feature for the area.

Installed during spring, The Dell Eco Reef combines cutting-edge technology, knowledge of intertidal ecosystems and artistic flair. Forty-six sculptural wave units help shellfish restoration by creating an artificial reef, allowing oysters, mussels and other native species to thrive.

Designed and manufactured by Alex Goad, from Reef Design Lab, the undulating units also provide a much-needed wave break, reducing wave energy and sand erosion.

Mayor, Cr Peter Murrihy said the initiative would help mitigate the impacts of climate change.

“The innovative design will protect and enhance the Dell's sensitive coastline and provide new habitat for vulnerable marine life." Peter said.

“It also offers a unique educational and sculptural feature that will draw visitors to the beach.”

Beachgoers and local school groups will be able to wade around the Dell Eco Reef when it sits above the water line at low tide, or snorkel among the marine life at high tide.

We’ve invested in the project to meet our local community’s interest in protecting and enhancing The Dell’s natural assets. At the same location, the Victorian Government-funded The Dell Historic Mineral Springs Boardwalk providing safe pedestrian access around to the next beach.

Page last updated: Thursday, 20 October 2022