Making a greener Greater Geelong

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Guided by the Environment Strategy 2020-30, we’re striving to plant one million new trees by 2030 to help cool our streets, filter the air and foster vibrant and beautiful parks, gardens and nature strips across Greater Geelong.

We’re currently responsible for managing over 70,000 street trees, around 40,000 park trees and trees along rural roadways and in reserves. Not only do they contribute to water conservation, carbon storage, temperature regulation and providing habitat for native wildlife, trees and green spaces are also well-known to contribute to the physical and emotional wellbeing of communities.

We caught up with Shane Thompson who works as a member of our Tree Maintenance Crew and who plays an important role in helping ensure our trees thrive and stay safe for the community to enjoy.

What got you interested in tree maintenance and what do you love about it?

Shane: After working in a factory environment for 30 years I was looking to change careers and move into the outdoor environment for work.  I joined a local tree company as a labourer and found I loved the work they did, so decided to undertake further study and become an arborist… It soon became obvious I loved this and wish I had started much earlier.

What’s something residents mightn’t know about the service we provide?

We inspect trees for defects and possible failure on a regular basis to ensure safety within the community. Nature-strip trees are trimmed for safety purposes.

Do you have a favourite kind of tree to work with?

Corymbia citriodora (Lemon Scented Gum) is my favourite tree to work with due to its delightful aroma and smooth bark. 

What is your best tip for residents looking after trees on their property?

Prune regularly in order to keep tree appearance as desired and the size appropriate to the yard it is in.  Seek professional advice if concerned about defects.

To request a tree be planted on your nature strip or for the maintenance of a tree in our parks, gardens or nature strips visit, call 5272 5272 or email [email protected].

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