We value community gardens as they allow the community to not only come together and produce food but learn practical skills that support sustainability and healthy living.

Community gardens are natural living, sensory environments. They encourage people to be physically active and they offer a place for people to put down roots. Not only do they connect people with plants, food and culture, most importantly they connect people with other people.

Thinking of starting a community garden?

We adopt a community development approach to community gardens, enabling gardening groups to manage gardens themselves with support and guidance from our team.

Creating a community garden can be a long process and requires a group of committed, motivated and organised people.

View our community gardens assessment guidelines

Objectives of these guidelines.

  • Provide a clear process for residents who want to establish a community garden on City of Greater Geelong owned and/or managed land.
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for community gardens, in response to community need and the availability of suitable land, where possible.
  • Clarify the rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in community gardens.
  • Promote knowledge and access to fresh, organic and locally produced fruit and vegetables.

Visit the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network to find out more about setting up a community garden.

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