Hire conditions - community buses

We are committed to providing safe bus transport to eligible users of the Geelong community and take our commitment to bus safety seriously.

Hire eligibility

Our community buses are available for hire exclusively for registered charities and not-for-profit, volunteer-run, incorporated community groups. Registration with Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) is a mandatory prerequisite.

Our buses are not available for use by commercial organisations, individuals, private companies (unless registered charity) for paying passengers or for parties.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact us at [email protected].

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Available buses

We have a modern fleet of reliable and economical mini buses:

  • 1 x 9 seat bus (with wheelchair hoist)
  • 5 x 12 seat buses

All seating numbers include the driver. Eligible community groups are required to supply their own driver.

The bus will be provided to the hirer with a full tank of petrol and is to be returned with a full tank of petrol at the hirer's expense.

Buses are located in Geelong and on the Bellarine Peninsula:

  • Geelong: Corio Operations Centre - 299 Anakie Road, Corio
  • Bellarine: Drysdale Operations Centre - McKenzie Street, Drysdale
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Booking periods

Community buses are booked in 24 hour blocks and can be booked for a maximum of two days.

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Bus features

Our community buses are:

  • automatic transmission
  • consume regular, unleaded fuel
  • not fitted with tow bars

Our 9 seater bus (located in Geelong) has a wheelchair hoist to accommodate one wheelchair.

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Driver requirements

All drivers must hold a full driver licence. Probationary licences will not be accepted.

You will be required to provide a copy of your licence every time you drive one of our buses as part of the driver declaration process.

In addition to the licence requirements all drivers must:

  • have a blood alcohol level of 0.00 percent
  • not be under the influence of drugs
  • adhere to all conditions listed under Your responsibilities
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Hire fees

We subsidise the costs to make this service more affordable for community groups.

Hire charge for the 2020/2021 financial year is $65 per day. Fees include GST and are charged in 24 hour blocks.

The bus will be provided to the hirer with a full tank of petrol and must be returned with a full tank of petrol at the hirer's expense.

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Payment is required within 30 days of date of invoice. Payments require a reference or invoice number and can be made:

Please note: A payment processing fee of 0.59 percent applies to credit and debit card payments.

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Termination of bookings

We reserve the right to terminate any booking or future bookings due to any breach of condition of hire and/or misconduct by patrons including non-payment.

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We require at least three working days notice or normal hire charges will still apply and be invoiced directly.

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Smoking and alcohol consumption

Is strictly not permitted on our buses at any time.

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Overnight parking

You must secure the community bus in off-street parking if your hire period is overnight.

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Height limits

All drivers are to familiarise themselves with the height of the bus and avoid locations with height restrictions.

Due to height restrictions and tight spaces, buses are not permitted to be driven through any of the following under any circumstances:

  • automatic car-wash
  • commercial parking station
  • drive-through facilities at fast food outlets
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Buses are not to be used for trips to hazardous areas and only to be driven to Victorian destinations.

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City Link and East Link

You are responsible for any toll fees or charges relating to City Link or East Link. A standard day pass can be purchased from:

If you forget to obtain a pass, you will be invoiced the late toll fine.

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Your responsibilities

You must abide by the conditions prescribed in the Bus Safety Act 2009 (Vic), Bus Safety Regulations 2010 (Vic) at all times. You must also adhere to all conditions prescribed by the City of Geelong regarding community bus use.

You must:

  • ensure the safety and comfort of all current and future users.
  • operate buses in accordance with relevant road laws and other applicable legislation.
  • advise us of any safety issues discovered during the operation of the bus.
  • report all incidents and injuries, including completing accident report forms and incident reports as required.
  • complete vehicle pre-departure and arrival checks.
  • report any damage, defect or repairs needed to the bus.
  • do not have any alcohol or drugs present in their blood or breath immediately before or while driving the bus.
  • immediately report any matters relevant to the currency of driver's licence or driver authority, including details of any criminal charges or offences.
  • immediately report all health issues or other issues that may affect fitness to drive.
  • you must refuel tank at nearest petrol station to the drop-off point on return.
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Accidents and insurance

As soon as possible bus incidents must be reported initially to Transport Safety Victoria on 1800 301 151 (24 hours/7 days). As soon as possible thereafter, incidents must be reported to the Booking Office on 03 5272 4732 (business hours). The Booking Officer will record all the relevant details for Transport Safety Victoria submission within 72 hours of receiving call.

You are responsible for paying the insurance excess of $500 for any damage to the bus.

You must do everything necessary to enable the insurer of the bus to recover compensation from any third party in respect of damage to the bus.

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The checklist provided at key collection should be carefully completed at the beginning and end of the hire and returned with a copy of the fuel receipt and the bus keys at the pick up location.

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Emergency situations

We are a member of the RACV. In the case of any difficulties, please contact the RACV Business Care Roadside Assistance on 1800 686 464.

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Cleaning the bus

To keep hiring costs low, all bus users share the responsibility for cleaning the vehicle. After use, it is imperative that the bus is thoroughly cleaned.

This includes:

  • removing all rubbish
  • sweeping dust/crumbs/mud from floor and seats

Failure to do so will result in additional costs to your group and may jeopardise future bookings.

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Pickup and return

Please consider these requirements before making your booking:

  • Do not take the bus earlier than the booking day and time you have made.
  • We recommend drivers arrive 15 minutes early to give themselves time to check the condition of the bus.
  • You must return the bus no later than the agreed time.
  • Include time to clean the bus and refill fuel (at nearest service station to bus location) on your return.
  • Make sure you attach the fuel receipt to the return checklist.

Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in additional costs to your group and may jeopardise future bookings. Additional costs may include a refuelling charge equal to the value of the petrol plus a $25 admin charge, and/or cleaning charges of up to $60.

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Need to know more...

Please contact us at [email protected] for more any further information.

Page last updated: Monday, 6 July 2020