Activate the Belmont Common lights

You will need to follow these steps to use the lights at the Belmont Common.

In addition to the lights, the Belmont Common allows clubs whose facilities have been closed due to ground condition and also clubs that do not have sports lights the opportunity to train throughout the winter months.

The following procedure outlines the steps involved to activate the lights for clubs with confirmed bookings.

Step 1 – Accessing light compound

  • Collect the access keys from Barwon Valley Activity Centre (opposite Kmart), drive to the reserve access gate and use the provided D200 coded key to enter the reserve. 
  • Proceed to the locked compound (Figure 1) and use the 0001 coded key to open the gate (Figure 2) (only 1 lock needs be opened to enter this gate).
Ladder leading up to light compound
Figure 1
Light locks
Figure 2

Step 2 – Locating light switch

Pink padlock on light switch
  • Walk to the far end of the cage where you will see a sign pointing to the light activating switches.
  • The switch with the pink padlock is the switch required to light the oval.
  • Unlock this padlock using the 0001 coded key.

Step 3 – Activating lights

Light lock in the on position
  • Place the 103 coded key into the switch lock and turn the switch from the Off to the On position.
  • The lights will take a few minutes to warm up.
  • Please note that the key can be removed from this lock while the lights are in use.

Step 4 – Turning lights off

Light lock in the off position
  • Once finished with the lights use the 103 coded key to turn the lights off.
  • Lock the switch using the pink padlock and lock the compound gate. 
  • Return the keys to the Barwon Valley Activity Centre. 


Council Officers are able to provide further information on the process of accessing the Belmont Common grounds.

Please contact the City of Greater Geelong on 03 5272 5272 or email ([email protected]).

Page last updated: Thursday, 3 January 2019