Reserves cleanliness

All users are required to maintain the amenity of our reserves for the greater Geelong community.

This information should be used by sporting clubs within the City of Greater Geelong and is recommended to be displayed throughout the facility in appropriate areas so that volunteers and members can clearly see. 

Clubs are required to enforce a number of conditions in regards to cleanliness, which are further detailed in the fact sheet. To ensure ongoing tenancy sporting clubs must comply to these requirements.


Council pavilions and surrounds must be cleaned-up after each use and maintenance issues must be kept up-to-date.

It is the responsibility of all clubs using Council facilities to leave pavilions, toilets and grounds in a clean and tidy condition immediately after each use, and to ensure that the facilities are securely locked before leaving to prevent damage or abuse to the facilities.

Pavilion cleanliness will be monitored by Council Officers, who conduct inspections of facilities throughout each season.

Please keep within Covid cleaning guidelines & ensure everything has been sanitised after use.

Club compliance

Clubs are required to enforce the following conditions with regards to cleanliness:

  • Floors and walls must be kept clean and sanitised, particularly in food preparation areas.

  • Refrigerators, benches, drawers and shelving must be kept clean (that is: all cups / glasses washed and stored after use).

  • All utensils and equipment must be stored in cupboards / drawers / or sealed containers when not in use.

  • Rubbish bins must be isolated from food, emptied on a regular basis and kept in a way so as not to attract flies and vermin.

  • All food remains must be removed from the pavilion to minimise the likelihood of pests and rodents.

  • Toilets, showers and change rooms must be hosed or swept as appropriate after use and all litter is to be removed from these areas (for example paper litter, drink bottles and medical tape).

  • Toilets should be kept in a clean state for use and boots must not be washed in showers and sinks. Shower drains and plugholes should be cleared regularly.

  • Function areas should be kept clean and presentable.

  • Areas immediately surrounding the pavilion and sports grounds must be cleaned after use (ie. litter free - no bottles, medical tape, food wrappers).

  • Litter must be sealed in bags and placed into bins.

  • Where applicable, carpeted areas should be steam cleaned by user groups at the end of their scheduled season, prior to handover / inspection.

Clubs found to not be adhering to the above cleanliness standards will be given 48 hours notice to rectify any matters.

If action is not taken accordingly, we will employ a private contractor to rectify any noted matters, with full costs charged to the responsible user group/s.


For further information please contact our Recreation Liaison Officers.

Page last updated: Monday, 28 March 2022