A fast, reliable and connected transport network

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • sustainable, connected and networked walking, cycling and public transport services that allow all abilities access into and across the city-region
  • fast access to Melbourne and other parts of Victoria.

Success will be achieved by:

  • a pedestrian and cycling network that covers the whole municipality
  • accessible transport options connecting people within the city-region
  • development of Greater Geelong as Victoria’s major logistics and freight centre
  • diversion of road traffic around urban centres
  • cycling becomes a credible and safe on-road commuter option.

The measures of success are:

  • being able to travel to Melbourne from Geelong within 30 minutes, and from the Bellarine Peninsula within 65 minutes utilising a variety of travel options
  • an international freight terminal and passenger airport within the city-region, connecting Greater Geelong to all Australian state capitals and Asia
  • being able to access all parts of Greater Geelong within 30 minutes through a variety of travel options
  • 50 per cent of journeys to work are made by public transport, walking or cycling.


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Page last updated: Tuesday, 9 October 2018