A leader in developing and adopting technology

The Greater Geelong community values

  • Opportunities enabled by technology;
  • Internet availability and speed;
  • Assistive technology seamlessly embedded into the environment.

Success will be achieved by

  • A variety of affordable technologies providing digital access to information on demand;
  • Attracting innovative and high technology businesses;
  • A community and workforce with the capacity to use digital technology;
  • Training in future digital jobs;
  • Assistive technologies embedded into infrastructure;
  • Free connectivity throughout the public places;
  • Growth in smart home automation.

CADET Virtual Reality Lab at Deakin University

Latest project

Innovative urbX art program opens up new experiences

The genU Participate team in Bayside have launched a new art program that has an innovative way of engaging clients and encouraging community connection.

With the launch of urbX, the Participate team has come up with a range of contemporary art programs that promise a “visual and sensory urban culture adventure”.

urbX art programgenU Bayside artists have been enjoying visiting contemporary art installations.

urbX is not any ordinary art program, with groups of participants (supported by a program coordinator) travelling locally, rurally and closer to inner-Melbourne in search of urban art experiences.

Client groups visit art exhibitions, pop-up galleries, sculptures, installations, and street art locations. While out and about, groups are encouraged to visit markets, sample street food and collect their experiences on their cameras and smart phones.

Measures of success

Indicator Current data

Digital inclusion – Australian Digital Inclusive Index (ADII) score greater than 70.

Source: The Australian Digital Inclusion Index Report 2018. Frequency of data: Annually
Geelong 58.7 (2018)
Geelong 60.0 (2017)
Figure amended from previously reported due to data adjustments and methodology changes.

Technological business – An increase in the number of technology based businesses.

Source: To be determined
Measure to be determined