A leader in developing and adopting technology

The Greater Geelong community values

  • Opportunities enabled by technology;
  • Internet availability and speed;
  • Assistive technology seamlessly embedded into the environment.

Success will be achieved by

  • A variety of affordable technologies providing digital access to information on demand;
  • Attracting innovative and high technology businesses;
  • A community and workforce with the capacity to use digital technology;
  • Training in future digital jobs;
  • Assistive technologies embedded into infrastructure;
  • Free connectivity throughout the public places;
  • Growth in smart home automation.

CADET Virtual Reality Lab at Deakin University

Measures of success

Indicator Current data

Digital inclusion – Australian Digital Inclusive Index (ADII) score greater than 70.

Source: The Australian Digital Inclusion Index Report 2018. Frequency of data: Annually
Geelong 58.7 (2018)
Geelong 60.0 (2017)
Figure amended from previously reported due to data adjustments and methodology changes.

Technological business – An increase in the number of technology based businesses.

Source: To be determined
Measure to be determined